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WTC Deadline Postponed as Tower 4 Meddles in the Basement

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The Mayor Bloomberg-imposed June 11 deadline for the Port Authority and World Trade Center developer Larry Silverstein to hammer out a deal on the fate of Towers 2 and 3 had about as much success as every other WTC deadline: minimal! But the sides are not ready to give up quite yet. A statement released by Bloomberg late yesterday said the sides will continue negotiating through the weekend, and "we'll have another update on Monday." But while the skyscrapers designed by British architecture royalty Richard Rogers and Norman Foster twist in the wind, Tower 4?64 floors of Fumihiko Maki mania?is slowly rising. There are new construction photos on Silverstein's WTC website, and Downtown Express's construction update says most of Tower 4 has risen to the B1 level, just below the ground floor.
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