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CurbedWire: Swingin' Singer Building Scaring Soho

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SOHO?For anyone planning a construction mishap betting pool, we'll take the Singer Building, please. A tipster sends in the above photos and writes: "The famous Singer Building at 561 Broadway has been a construction site for weeks. This morning they appear to have moved on to some internal renovation work. Construction materials arrived on a crane-equipped truck and, to the fascination of neighbors and passersby, they were hoisted into the third floor in a completely unsecured fashion. People walked merrily on the sidewalk right underneath, without realizing what was literally dangling above their heads." Or maybe they were just adrenaline junkies?

"As workers started to pull individual logs of plywood and metal fixings off the crane, the whole package started swinging merrily. Fascinating what people think they can get away with these days. Oh, and see that tiny yellow ribbon towards the left? That was apparently meant to indicate that people shouldn't walk on that piece of side walk but of course, nobody even noticed what was going on above them. Somebody must have called a TV station b/c a camera guy eventually showed up and filmed it all." [CurbedWire Inbox]

Little Singer Building

561 Broadway, New York, NY