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Return of the Megaproject: Astoria's Hallets Point Unveiled

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The cure for what ails the downtrodden Astoria waterfront might just be Hallets Point, a proposed seven-tower development that would bring housing, retail and a pulse in general to the isolated nub of Queens jutting into the East River. The Daily News reports that developer Lincoln Equities Group has begun the land-use review process on its Hallets Point blockbuster?which would replace the Astoria Houses project as the area's dominant feature?and hopes to begin construction in 2010. Architecture firm Studio V is on board, but the Daily News and Lincoln Equities' web profile of the project only offer teasing glimpses of the megaproject. The stats also seem to have been tweaked a bit since Lincoln Equities put its plans online.

After some chatter with local leaders, the developers reduced the height of the tallest towers from 40 to 32 stories. The plan also now calls for 2,000 market-rate units and 500 affordable units in addition to supermarkets, restaurants and retail, and the seven-acre site would also get a renovated public waterfront esplanade with new walkways and other features. According to the developer, there might also be a water taxi stop on the current East River loop. Of course this is all wishful thinking for now, but Hallets Point appears to have some support. City Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. told the Daily News,, "It's an area sorely in need of development. It's been in bad shape since before I was born." Onward, Astoria!
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UPDATE: A rep for the developer rep tells us the tallest tower is still slated to rise 40 stories, while the average height of the various towers is 32 stories.