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CurbedWire: Scarano Black Label, Argyle Closings, More!

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Photo by Will Femia.

WILLIAMSBURG?Following the shuttering of Williamsburg's Black Betty, we thought it about time to check in with architect Robert Scarano's two new black beauties in the neighborhood. First up is the Prince of Darkness at 365 Union Avenue, which pretty much looks exactly the same as last time we swung by, but look?a limo! Ooh la la! Next up is Luminous, aka the Finger of Richardson, which a Curbed Photo Pooler felt compelled to make us relive all over again. Thanks! [Femster/Curbed Photo Pool]

PARK SLOPE?Our friends at Corcoran Sunshine tell us that closings are underway at The Argyle, the new 60-unit Park Slope development (complete coverage here) with a slightly generous take on the borders of Park Slope. The building is 70% sold, we're told, and here are some photos of the interiors. [CurbedWire Inbox]

CHINATOWN?The de-gassing of Manhattan appears to be continuing, as a tipster writes, "The Mobil Gas Station at 2 Pike St in Chinatown is closed?" The Mobil at Canal Street and the West Side Highway also recently bit the dust. [CurbedWire Inbox]

365 Union Avenue

365 Union Avenue, Brooklyn, NY