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Door Prizes: Free Cars, Free Weights Up for Renters' Grabs

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As the incentives pile up for renters, landlords are getting more creative with their offers. Today, two new marketing pitches have caught our eye:

1) The Related Companies is normally shy about publicizing any deals, but in an e-mail sent around by "partner" Equinox Fitness (Related owns the gym company), Related Rentals?The Caledonia, 1 Union Square South, etc.?is offering an Equinox membership, six weeks free rent (amortized over a 13.5-month lease) and covered moving expenses on new leases signed by September 30. Way to prey on beach season insecurities!
2) Stuyvesant Town is of course no stranger to interesting giveaways, and Lux Living points us to a doozy: the Stuy Town renter who refers the most new tenants by the end of the year gets a free MINI Cooper (for one year). Luckily, one year of free parking is also included in the sweepstakes, lest the prize turn into an even pricier burden. Begin the hard sell, Stuy Towners!
· What Does Desperation Smell Like? New Car Smell! [Lux Living]