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Undies Offensive Continues Behind Cooper Square Hotel

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The neighbors living behind the Cooper Square Hotel eventually fessed up that their dirty drawers attack?hanging some soiled underthings on a clothesline mere feet from the hotel's second-floor terrace?was, shall we say, not sourced from organic materials. But they got some great mileage out of the stunt so they've ramped it up, hanging a whole row of stained intimate apparel (we've spared you the close-ups, but Eater has one) that is currently swaying in the East Village breeze. And hey, is that a new clothesline? Not quite. Vanishing New York writes that an air conditioner fell from the tenement and took out the line, causing it to be reinstalled "in a new, more prominent position." We bet Coop co-owner Matt Moss is probably regretting saying hanging laundry is "the kind of thing people want to see" right about now.
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