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Carnegie Hall's Skylights Need a Protest, Protest, Protest

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Photographer Editta Sherman may have celebrated her 97th birthday since we last heard from her, but her resistance to all things change at Carnegie Hall hasn't tempered with age. Sherman, one of six remaining rent-stabilized tenants in the artists' studios above the historic concert hall (the Carnegie Hall Corporation has been trying to clear the studios for years in order to house various programs in the spaces), went in front of the Landmarks Preservation Commission this week, the Observer reports, to criticize the proposed plan to replace the rooftop skylights with a landscaped terrace. A Carnegie Hall historic consultant said a terrace was part of architect Henry J. Hardenbergh's "original intent," but what may doom the skylights is the fact they were re-constructed in the '80s. "The skylights would give me concern but for the fact that they're not historic," LPC boss Robert Tierney said. Still, the LPC didn't vote, so the fat lady doesn't need to warm the vocal cords quite yet.
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