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On Golden Pons #2: LES's Stories_NY Hotel Revealed

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Back in March the New York Post reported that Orchard Street would be getting a new hotel targeting the "young, un-moneyed traveler," as opposed to Orchard Street's new Thompson LES, which targets the young, very moneyed traveler. The hotel, called Stories_NY, would be designed by Hotel on Rivington architects Grzywinski+Pons, the same firm behind the just-revealed Nolitan Hotel. In searching for the Nolitan designs, we couldn't help but notice that G+P has also posted some renderings for Stories_NY. We are agog.

G+P's description of the 48-room hotel is light on details, merely pointing out the building "has a restaurant and lounge at grade in addition to a lot-through outdoor terrace with a bar on the second floor." (Uh-oh.) This leaves us to speculate on the inspiration for the undulating facade: a tourist's foldable map? Picture frames? A futuristic weapon set to explode the minds of angry neighbors?

What is known is the hotel's location. It's 163 Orchard Street, between Stanton and Rivington Streets, a construction site we've wondered about recently due to its hazy compliance with the recent Lower East Side rezoning?which limits side-street building heights to 80'. A building permit issued in January (much like with The Nolitan, Grzywinski+Pons is not the listed architect) calls for a 12-story, 140' structure, though it looked like the foundation wasn't vested in time to be grandfathered into the rezoning. Meh, details!. Here's another look at what might be the LES's last new tall mid-block building:

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