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On Golden Pons #1: The Nolitan Hotel Revealed

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A sleuthy tipster alerts us that the website of architecture firm Grzywinski+Pons is the place to see the plans for the The Nolitan, a new hotel going up at Elizabeth and Kenmare Streets that we reported on earlier this week. The gang at G+P, who fathered the Hotel on Rivington as well as Son of Thor down on the Lower East Side, were labeling this design simply as the mysterious "Unnamed Hotel." Today they've done a website rewrite and openly revealed their batch of renders to be, yes, The Nolitan.

Our prior reportage sadly lacked any visual aids showing the finished face of this little troublemaker, which has the neighbors in an uproar. We were waylaid by info filed at DOB listing the architect of record as Michael Kang. His website displayed nothing but lots of stuff covered in stucco and dryvit, succinctly described by one commenter as "the Flushing style."

Readers may now be relieved to see that the Grzywinski+Pons plan is nothing of that sort. Rather, it's a bifurcated structure, with a bend in the middle to match the off-kilter lot. Clad in metal and glass, it will have rows of meshy balconies above Kenmare Street (all the better to view that, er, cross-town traffic down below). The architects' own description of the hotel, now altered to remove any mention of a rooftop party place, earlier boasted these fighting words: "The project will feature a restaurant and lounge at grade and a full service bar and lounge on the roof." That change in script may not be enough to calm the locals.
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The Nolitan

30 Kenmare Street, New York, NY 10012