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Funky Friday Listing: Sweet Charity at 57th Street's Osborne

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"Owned by one of Asia's most legendary philanthropists and citizen [sic] of the world," this $3.995 million listing in West 57th Street's famed Osborne begins, which is an interesting introduction. Us, we would've gone with something more like, "Holy crap there's a freakin' fireplace in the bathroom?oh sorry, is that bits of your brain all over the monitor?!" But alas. The Wall Street Journal IDs the seller as Hong Kong businessman Eric Hotung, who bought the 2,500sf one-bedroom co-op a decade ago. Before marveling over the well-preserved original details, please note that Hotung added the mahogany floors and wall paneling, as well as the jade onyx entry. What is it about The Osborne that makes people do such interesting things?
· Listing: 205 West 57th Street [Sotheby's]
· Hong Kong Mogul Hotung Asks $3.99 Million in NYC [WSJ/Private Properties]

The Osborne

205 West 57th Street, New York, NY