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CurbedWire: High Line Teasing Us, Visionaire Goes Platinum

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MEATPACKING DISTRICT?A Curbed commenter who works across the street from the High Line is backing up the rumored June 15 opening date for the park. Why wait that long? A visit to the staircase at Gansevoort and Washington this afternoon found construction workers milling about but no barriers to prevent eager High Liners from making a run at glory. Tell 'em Curbed sent ya! [CurbedWire Staff]

BATTERY PARK CITY?Though reports indicate the green thing isn't doing all that much at the moment in helping new apartments sell, there's no debating the eco-friendly credentials of the Visionaire. The new 33-story BPC luxury condo building has just received LEED Platinum certification, making it "the greenest residential condominium in the United States and the only LEED Platinum condominium on the east coast," per a press release. [CurbedWire Inbox]


70 Little West Street, New York, NY 10280