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CurbedWire: Partial Building Collapse on Burg's N. 1st Street

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WILLIAMSBURG?A Curbed tipster writes in with word of a construction mishap on North 1st Street near Kent Avenue just off the Williamsburg waterfront: "Construction from building across the street from 80 Met caused the roof and wall of an adjacent building to collapse. Illegal immigrant workers took off running while Hasidic property owner hung out looking stressed. Kent ave shut down. No view from the street. There were photographers and news people trying to figure out how to see it from above but were unable to. There were 2 people in bed when the roof collapsed on them but they are supposed to be ok."

The affected building is 48 N. 1st Street, next door to the coming seven-story residential development at 50 N. 1st Street, which doesn't appear very far along in the above Google Street View picture but was showing signs of life last summer. A 311 caller today initially said there was a partial collapse at the roof level of #48, and that has now been updated by the DOB with a partial vacate order "due to concrete blowout" and "partial collapse of the bearing wall." Talk about an unfriendly neighbor! The construction project has also been hit with a stop work order for not protecting the adjoining property, as well as the ominous "work does not conform to approved plans." Ruh-roh. [CurbedWire Inbox]