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High Line Opens! (To Martha Stewart and Friends, Naturally)

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The secret of the opening date of the High Line is buried somewhere alongside Jimmy Hoffa, but last night the elevated park finally opened up the plywood surrounding its staircase at Washington and Gansevoort Streets in the Meatpacking District?but not to just anyone. No, this was a special occasion, and the Stairway to Heaven was ascended by Martha Stewart, Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenberg (who announced a new $10 million donation to Friends of the High Line) and a who's who of the fashion world for a sneak-preview gala. No paparazzi, but via the BlackBerry of a special Curbed tipster in attendance?oh, who are we kidding, it's Fred Wilson!?we've scored another look at the soon-to-open first phase (Gansevoort up to 20th Street) of the park. It looks a lot more polished than our last visit up to the old rail bed, so what's the hold up? We want the Line! We want the Line! (This is where you start shaking a fist and chanting.)
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