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East Village 'Thugs' Put on Notice

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The scare-us-back-to-the-'70s media meme has focused on reports of an uptick in crime in trendy 'hoods the like West Village, but the real throwback to grittier times has been largely ignored by all but blogger Bob Arihood at Neither More Nor Less. As we've noticed, the tireless documenter of the late-night scene around Tompkins Square Park has been covering more and more instances of violence between the various park elements. Now, a blog called Alphabet City Neighbors has popped up as a response, with the first post headlined "Take Back the Neighborhood!" It reads:

This neighborhood will not succumb to violence and thuggery. Alphabet City -- Avenue A through Avenue D -- is a place where people -- whether they be homeless people who enjoy Tompkins Square Park or Wall Streeters who live in penthouse suites -- should feel comfortable. Mostly, it's a neighborhood full of decent people trying to live decent lives. We won't let thugs change that.Hell yeah, grab the pitchforks! Oh, wait, the fine print notes, "This is not a vigilante group." Er, hell yeah, grab the camera-phones!
· Take Back the Neighborhood! [Alphabet City Neigbors via EV Grieve]