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The Caledonia Debuts New Water Feature for Gym Members

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New luxury buildings on the west side have a long and proud tradition of springing major leaks. Richard Meier's Perry Street towers and One Morton Square come to mind as recent examples where tenants complained about getting supersoaked. The latest comes not from a buyer but from a gym rat, whose morning workout today at the fancypants Equinox Gym in The Caledonia condo/rental building along the High Line on West 17th Street was interrupted by quite the gusher:

I went into the locker rooms to find pouring water coming down from the falling Acoustic Ceiling Tiles. The maintenance staff scrambled to find towels, trash cans and mops to try to clean up the mess. Interestingly enough, nobody notified those that were training on the floor that their belongings might be drenched in the locker room (as one man promptly found out when he was done with his work out). Isn’t this a brand new building with state of the art equipment and a big ego for having a 'Green' gym below?
What's more green than an all-natural recycled rainwater shower? At least, let's hope that's rainwater. Above, a video of the leak doing its thing, made possible, our tipster was clear to point out, by the new video-enabled iPhone. Technology!
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The Caledonia

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