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It Happened One Weekend: Clinton Hill Building Collapse, Heath Ledger's Old Soho Home in Foreclosure, More!

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1) The four-story building at 493 Myrtle Avenue in Clinton Hill collapsed Sunday afternoon, somehow resulting in no serious injuries. The Local blog notes that the building was recently cited by the DOB for some structural issues, including a big crack running up its east-facing wall. The collapse also damaged the neighboring building at 491 Myrtle Avenue, which will have to be razed. ["Vesper Building on Myrtle Collapses; No Major Injuries"/The Local]

2) Foreclosure has come to the Soho building that Heath Ledger died in, the Post reports. Ledger's loft at 421 Broome Street was asking for $26,000-per-month following the actor's death. It didn't rent, and two additional apartments in the four-unit building remain empty. The artist living in the penthouse claims one of the building's owners is warehousing the units to trigger the foreclosure and force her out. She's planning an appeal. ["Ax Falling on Heath's Old Haunt"/NYP]

3) Has The Plaza's relative quiet period helped the building bounce back from all the bad press? Not quite, as Josh Barbanel checks in with the re-sellers and finds that only one apartment has closed in 2009. There are about 30 Plaza listings currently on the market asking over $250 million. Brokers aren't losing hope. Says Roger Erickson of Sotheby's: "The negative publicity really put a cloud over the building. We are seeing the sun through the clouds." [Big Deal/"The Plaza Stirs"]

4) Does price itself make a good deal? Nay, says this Times story, which looks at five one-bedroom apartments for sale in different neighborhoods and determines whether or not they're good buys based on factors like location and amenities. The gentle verdict: Three deals (including author Gary Shteyngart's LES apartment), one "reasonable" and one "don't offer full price." ["How to Spot a Good Deal"]

5) In "The Hunt," A couple with five kids?Dutch, Finnley, Hans, Jupiter and Coco?relocates from the woods and settles into a two-bedroom (they're converting it to three) in Stuy Town's upscale brethren Peter Cooper Village for $4,520 per month with two free months. Five kids in one bedroom? That might mess 'em up more than their names. [The Hunt/"Out of the Woods"]

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