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Destructoporn: Attorney Street's Robots in Disguise

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Over in a part of the Lower East Side far from the prying eyes of Hell Square revelers, the partially-demolished two-story building at 91 Attorney Street can now be classified as fully demolished. The process was mighty disruptive, according to a neighbor over on Clinton Street who witnessed the act from his rooftop, but not for the usual reasons. He told Bowery Boogie: "There is an idiot in an excavator trying to tear apart an old truck in a vacant lot at that address... and its actually shaking my entire building." That same tipster uploaded a video of what he was talking about, and the action sequence might as well have been lifted from the new Transformers sequel, if we do say so ourselves. A demolition permit was approved in April, despite what appears to be an active stop work order on the property. Those Decepticons, always playing fast and loose with the rules!
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