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Park Avenue Party Church Losing Its Faith?

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On the Upper East Side, land of spats (the shoe-coverings and the petty quarrels), few disputes have been as deliciously catty as that of the catering operations at the Third Church of Christ, Scientist at Park Avenue and East 63rd Street. For years, well-heeled neighbors have fought the church's arrangement with a catering company to throw lavish events at the neo-Georgian landmark. Traffic, noise and lack of parking have been the main complaints, while the church has argued that a dwindling congregation forced the need to raise funds through other means. Subpoenas and name-calling and all sorts of nastiness have been the norm. Today the Times checks in on the feud, although there's really nothing new to report on any sort of truce being worked out. However, neighbors' allegations that the church is now operating primarily as a party hall instead of a house of worship are given some credence:

While the church still holds services on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings, it has agreed to have the Rose Group remove all the pews and conceal its frieze, tablets and the words “Third Church of Christ, Scientist” with removable metal coverings that look like slate.Why the sense of shame? After all, JC turned water into wine. Dude would've loved an Oscar de la Renta rager.
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