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On the (Rental) Market: 77 Ludlow Still Sky-High

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We're endlessly intrigued by the asking rents at new construction, high-end rental buildings—especially those on the Lower East Side—so this tipster's email grabbed our attention: "Apparently the people who run the building at 77 Ludlow have started posting it up on craigslist. This building has seen little to no action since I moved into the neighborhood about a year ago. My cousin walked around some of the units and said the bedrooms were extremely small, especially for the price. He also said they had some initial issues with the certificate of occupancy, which seem to be resolved now. I foresee a significant rent drop in the near future."

The unit noted above, a three-bedroom, two-bath affair, has just over 1,000 square feet of interior space, and a small balcony. Asking rent: $4,480, which strikes us as pricey to be sure but not stratospherically insane. Compare with a 990-square-foot two-bedroom in the building, asking $3,950/month, or a 689-square-foot one-bedroom at $2,870/month. Or, hell, rock the 3BR penthouse with private roof access for $4,653 [sic]/month. Anyone who's had a look around in here care to comment further?

Also up for grabs: the 2500 square foot retail store, yours for $10k/month.
· Listings: 77 Ludlow [Photobucket via Craigslist]