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Going Green Part II: Clearing the Way for Bushwick Inlet Park

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There are no more rental cars parked on the Kent Avenue lot between North 9th and North 10th Streets in Williamsburg, and that should make neighborhood residents kvetching about delays in creating new green space at least somewhat happy. This is the future first phase of Bushwick Inlet Park, 28 total acres of waterfront parkland climbing all the way up into Greenpoint. The city still has to work out many issues regarding the rest of the land needed for the park (as Brooklyn 11211 so helpfully summarized), but this one-block parcel just north of East River State Park was supposed to be full-steam-ahead by now.

An athletic field had a projected summer 2009 opening, while the rest of the pieces (including a maintenance building/"comfort station" with an inclined landscaped roof deck) were supposed to be finished in the summer of 2010. While the field is nowhere in sight and that 2010 deadline looks a bit iffy, at least signs of life are starting to emerge. Literally! A Bushwick Inlet Park informational placard slapped on the site has our pulse racing. We eagerly await the hipster sled races off that roof.
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