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Going Green Part I: CaVaLa Park Goes Chasing Waterfalls

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There's a new canal cutting through Lower Manhattan just in time for summer, and it will soon be the biggest attraction at under-construction CaVaLa Park?the name given to a long neglected patch of land where Canal Street intersects Varick and Laight Streets. The bubbling brook, 113' long and 6' wide, was turned on for the first time this week, and its big waterfall and sets of rapids might just make enough noise to drown out the nearby traffic. Canal Street, of course, was once the site of a real canal, which is what local artist Elyn Zimmerman took her inspiration from for this free-flowing water feature. The cost of the entire pocket park? A mere $3.3 M, a drop in the bucket compared to that pricey new park that just opened up on the rails.
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