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PriceSpotter Big Reveal: Triple the Fun at Village Penthouse

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Location: 111 Jane Street
Asking: $6,500,000

With a penthouse across the street at 99 Jane asking more than twice this price, we expected most guesses to be high, and we were right. Props to commenter tcthom for hitting the mark. Why is the price so low? (Low being a relative term, of course.) A couple PriceSpotters speculated that it could be because of the proximity to the Jane Hotel's soon-to-open rooftop. Hinting at Cooper Square-like troubles, one commenter said, "Does the purchase price include soiled undergarments and a douche bag?" Meanwhile, a tipster e-mailed some background: "I used to live in the building and know the owner of the 111 Jane penthouse - the apartment is amazing! Views are sick from every single room and the roofdeck is perfect position for sunsets. I ran into Russell Simmons in the elevator after he looked at it around the time he was splitting with Kimora." Guess the pad wasn't quite phat enough.
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