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SHOCKER: NYU Giving Up Space in Cooper Square

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Voracious property gobbler New York University isn't known for ceding any occupied territory, especially with that whole Plan 2031 calling for the school to grow by a couple million square feet. Which makes news that the school will abandon its two floors at 38-50 Cooper Square all the more interesting. A press release from the building's owner Hartz Mountain Industries says NYU will vacate the space, which it has leased for 23 years, in July 2011. The 46,000 square feet were carved into 34 classrooms, offices and lounge areas for NYU's School of Continuing Education, and now a new education tenant is being sought, leading to the sorta awesome press release quote, "Cooper Square is custom designed for learning." And please, Hartz Mountain, no more douchebags. The neighborhood just can't handle any more.
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