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It Came From Montenegro: Hotel Buries Midtown Bookworms

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If you've walked by the site of the old Gotham Book Mart in Midtown lately and looked up, you may have noticed that the 22-story building rising in the legendary book store's place has topped out?indicated not only by the customary U.S. flag flying atop the structure, but also the flag of another nation. What gives? A rep for the project, a hotel with the address 16 East 46th Street, explains that the developer is from Montenegro, making him "the first citizen from Montenegro (former Yugoslavia) to build a Midtown hotel." Not quite an Obama-level achievement, but we'll take it. The topping-out ceremony was attended by all sorts of Montenegrin dignitaries, and adding to the Eastern European flavor (mmm...salty!), architect Dan Sehic of C3D is from Bosnia. OK, now we're getting off track. The hotel itself is really something.

The sliver building, a specialty of C3D based on the portfolio of work seen on their website, is slated to be finished in early 2010. Per the press materials:

R&B Development Group recently topped off the 22-story, 66-room boutique hotel at 16 East 46th Street between Madison and Fifth Avenues – the site of the famed Gotham Book Store. In addition to a high-end 70-seat full service restaurant, the hotel will feature balconies in every room and a sky-top yoga room.The developers want the hotel to be a "destination and popular nightspot," and as for an operator, they are "in talks with a well known boutique hotel management company to manage and name the hotel." The name seems fairly obvious, although The Montenegrin Finger does sound like it might have other connotations.
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