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Latest Stairway to Nowhere Sneaks into Soho

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Amidst all the chaos created by Broadway's Big Subway Dig down near Lafayette Street, a little-noticed addition to NYC's infrastructure has recently appeared. At the southwest corner of Broadway and Houston the MTA has graced us with yet another Stairway to Nowhere. However, unlike others around town that climb high and offer views of Broadway, this one burrows down into the ground. Where it goes, not even the bureaucrats know. Calls to various governmental agencies revealed nothing. Down below the new staircase, at both the Prince Street and Broadway/Lafayette Stations, the subway platforms end in tiled walls and locked doors, with no indication of any new points of egress. Workers on site have been heard to whisper that this mystery stair is for MTA employees only. But where does It lead? Perhaps we should stop asking so many questions and just be thankful that our increasing subway fares are actually getting something done.
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