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CurbedWire: UWS Smash & Grab, Harlem Condos-To-Be, More!

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UPPER WEST SIDE?What makes this photo taken at Riverside Drive and 97th Street yesterday particularly strange is not the smashed-up station wagon but the absence of the tree that so clearly should be ther?oh, now we get it. [CurbedWire Staff]

UPPER EAST SIDE?In this age of budgetary cuts, shelters, it seems, are dropping like flies. First on the Bowery and now on the Upper East Side, where a tipster writes: "For 19 years the Neighborhood Coalition for Shelter Inc operated a much discussed homeless drop-in center at 237 East 77th St. (right) that was recently closed due to NYC budget cuts. The last word on its next use is still up in the air." Too bad Madonna already bought her UES manse. [CurbedWire Inbox]

HARLEM?We would guess that most empty Harlem lots will stay that way for a while, but blog Harlem Condo Life sends word of some test borings happening at Frederick Douglass Boulevard between 112th and 113th Streets. A worker at the site said the site is bound for condos. [Harlem Condo Life]