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Symbols of Bowery Gentrification Becoming a Bit Too Overt

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Just when you think you've seen it all on the Bowery, a homeless shelter becomes an upscale sushi joint. So it may go at 347 Bowery, known until recently as the Salvation Army's East Village Residence. The do-gooders have been in a bit of a pinch lately, leading the organization to close some facilities and sell off other hot Bowery real estate. Today our friends at Eater report that Midtown (by way of L.A. and Vegas) sushi restaurant/lounge Koi has popped up on Community Board 3's July agenda for a liquor license application at, yep, 347 Bowery. A call to the Salvation Army's property department confirms that the building is pending sale. It seems like it would take a lot of work to turn the building into the Bowery's newest nightlife destination, but maybe the restaurateurs are shooting for some authentic flophouse flavor.

As the Bowery has shifted from grime to glitz, the corner of East 3rd Street has been one of the boulevard's most surreal sights: the East Village Residence, sandwiched between the towering Bowery Hotel and the rising luxury condos of 52 East 4th Street. Sadly, we must bid adieu to this visual juxtaposition. Meanwhile, other once-sacred Bowery cows are also experiencing change. Racked reports that the Morrison Hotel photo gallery that took over the CBGBs Gallery space at 313 Bowery is also on the outs. According to the space's brokers, "a lot of retailers, restaurateurs and bar operators," have shown interest.
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