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Hitchcokian Nightmare Proposed for Battery Park City

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Battery Park City may already be the greenest neighborhood in Manhattan, but according to nature-obsessed Beijing architecture firm Ballistic Architecture Machine (or BAM, if you prefer), the neighborhood could be a bit more bird-friendly. So here comes the Biornis Aesthetope, which World Architecture News tells us would be the first dedicated rooftop avian habitat (and, perhaps, NYC's first roof garden consulted on by Harvard ornithologists). The 70,000-square-foot bird park is proposed for an existing 12-story BPC building that we don't immediately recognize, but is very close to the new Goldman Sachs headquarters. Click through to read all about what this meadow would be made from, and if this migratory pit stop somehow becomes reality, well, let's just say investing in Lower Manhattan umbrella futures would be a wise bet.
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