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It Happened One Weekend: Beer O'Clock at WTC, Rental Scams, Plaza Penthouse Suer Sells, More!

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1) While it probably helps to be wasted to deal with the World Trade Center redevelopment mess on a daily basis, that's probably not true for the WTC's construction workers, some of whom were caught in an embarrassing Post sting boozing it up on their lunch hours. Murray Street apparently becomes Mardi Gras every day at 11:45 a.m. (burgers and shots?yum!), then the hardhats head back to work at Ground Zero. Cuozzo is outraged, and the guys in the photos might be looking for new jobs today. ['WTC Hard Hats Get Hammered'/NYPost]

2) In a how-to guide for scamming cautionary piece warning about the dangers of the rental market, aspiring New York City renters learn what to be on the lookout for: questionably low prices ($1,300/month on Park Avenue?!), shady sublets, and stubble ("He seemed really laid back, kind of like a hipster"). They also learn what to do once they're scammed out of large sums of money: Throw on a jean jacket and some short-shorts and write a book proposal! ['Renters Get Swindled and Scammed']

3) Two young gentrifiers are tired of having their Bushwick rental broken into (they've lost four laptops), but Crown Heights isn't quite ripe yet (not enough coffee shops). So where does their Hunt lead them? A place along the BQE in Greenpoint. ['More Than a Flop Pad'/The Hunt]

4) Scary Russian Andrei Vavilov, who sued the developers of The Plaza to try to get his massive deposit back because the pair of penthouses he was in contract to purchase turned out shitty (or so he claimed), has sold the one Plaza penthouse he got stuck with. Vavilov paid just over $11 million for the apartment, and while it's not clear how much he sold it for, the last asking price was $9.95 million, or $3,400 per square foot. That's $600/sf less than the last Plaza sale. ['Plaza Saga'/Big Deal]

5) In 2005 a developer bought the down-on-its-luck townhouse at 12 East 63rd Street for $8.8 million, slapped a new limestone facade on the building and aimed to sell it off as luxury condos. Costs went up, the market went down, and now the whole building is for sale as "architect-ready" raw space priced at $24.95 million after a recent 13% chop. Well, it did get a new elevator. ['Decorate to Taste'/Big Deal]

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