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SHOCKER: Fancy MSG Renovation Actually Happening

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Last year the powers that be at Madison Square Garden unveiled the details of a massive makeover of the World's Most Famous Yet Locally Despised Arena (seen above). At the time the move was seen as a final kiss-off to Moynihan Station located across Eighth Avenue, which was supposed to include a new MSG until owners the Dolans pulled out of the deal and sapped most of the life out of the plan. Ha ha, well played, MSG can go on with its grim corridors and windowless charm forever. Not so! Against all odds, the Dolans weren't bluffing, and the Daily News reports the $500 million arena makeover will soon kick off, and a sales center for the new, expanded luxury suites is about to open. Here's what to expect:

There will even be a party deck and two 10th-floor bridges running the length of the arena with overhead views of the playing surface.

The renovation will include 20 courtside "event-level suites" complete with kitchens and lounges. One top-of-the-line suite will even have a working fireplace.

The "supersuite" will be the size of 10 suites and can be broken down into smaller rooms if necessary.

All 58 suites will be 40% larger than the current offerings.

To make room for the new bathrooms and wider aisles, as well as more food kiosks and improved sightlines, the Garden will take over space used for offices.

Most of the work will be done over the next few summers, because let's face it, arena brass doesn't really have to worry about any lengthy playoff runs cutting into the slow off-season months.
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