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Hot Tempers, Hot Wheels at Cooper Sq. Hotel Noise Meeting

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Last night was the anticipated meeting between Cooper Square Hotel reps and the angry residents of East 5th Street, some of whom live awfully close (and we do mean awfully) to the Bowery boutique's party deck. Complete reading on those squabbles can be found in the archives, but for now let's cut to blogger EV Grieve's coverage of the testy 75-minute-long session, which was attended by about 50 residents. Cooper Hotel co-owner Matt Moss bravely turned up to take the flogging, as Coop neighbors aired out pent-up aggression regarding fireplace smoke, lack of parking, plans for a "secret nightclub" and, of course, noise. To complicate that latter issue, Moss's proposed solution is not really catching on:

Moss also said that the hotel has offered to pay to soundproof the windows for residents at 207 Fifth St. who are adjacent to the hotel and have suffered the most since the patio opened last month. "That's not a perfect solution," he admitted. A representative from Scott Stringer's office, who arrived late, confirmed that Moss met with Stringer yesterday morning and put it in writing that the hotel is willing to pay to soundproof windows. One problem, though: The landlord of 207 Fifth St. is not receptive to such an idea.

The highlight of the night, both EV Grieve and Vanishing New York point out, came when the meeting was adjourned and the attendees poured out of the senior center and out onto Fifth Street, only to be confronted by a raging invite-only party at the hotel to celebrate the unveiling of a $285,000 Aston Martin convertible. At least now we know what 50 brains simultaneously exploding sounds like: the roar of a revved-up 500-horsepower engine!
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DOUBLE UPDATE: A correction from the office of Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer: "The representative from our office, Greg Kirschenbaum, did not indicate that Borough President Stringer met with Mr. Moss: he stated that Mr. Moss had reached out to him to offer the soundproofing and that Mr. Moss then provided that offer in writing. Borough President Stringer did not meet with Mr. Moss."