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Williamsburg's Finger Building Officially Loses Its Tip

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With the recent sightings of workers unloading materials at Williamsburg's infamous (but legal!) Finger Building, the Brooklyn Paper checks in with the stalled shell at 144 N. 8th Street, dubbed The Albaro by its new owners. The developer is attempting to salvage the partially-completed building, which has been frozen in time and exposed to the elements as its Robert Scarano-designed 16-story bulk wound its way through various court battles (zoning now allows only 10 floors) and foreclosure. G.F.I. Capital wants to be a friendlier neighbor than the Finger's previous owner, and so the company will not extend the building to 16 stories, but G.F.I. may still take it higher than its current 10-story, 110' height. And about that name, "the tree" in Italian. Says a G.F.I. dude: "You might stumble on a tree in a forest that is a bit taller than it’s neighbors — but it might not jar you as much." Expect the finger-in-a-jar to finally welcome some very brave Williamsburgers in mid-2010.
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