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Barack the Powerful

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There were no megadeals (or megadealers, rather) to salute at the top of this year's Observer Power 100 list, so the paper's staff has anointed Barack Obama as the most influential man in New York real estate. Last year's #1, Tishman Speyer's Jerry Speyer, slips down to #5, while the second spot goes to Related Companies chairman Stephen Ross. Though 95% of the list is white males, the Top 10 has Obama, City Planning bosslady Amanda Burden (#8) and Gov. David Paterson (#9). The Trumpster had a hell of a year, climbing from #38 in 2008 all the way up to #16, because Trump Soho "still has the power to redefine its entire neighborhood." Check out the full list: It'll be the most fun 101 clicks of your day! [NYO; 2008 memories]