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Collect Pond Park Gets a Pop-Up Patch of Green

[photos via Seong Kwon/Public Art Fund]

The Public Art Fund's newest project, A Clearing In The Streets, is the latest generation of pop-up landscape installations. Call it a pop-up field, if you will. The temporary landscape was recently unveiled at the asphalt expanse known as Collect Pond Park?you know, this tiny thing downtown?and designed by Julie Farris and Sarah Wayland-Smith. An unfinished plywood box on the outside, it's like a camera obscura for the city: peek through the little slots to see nothing but uninterrupted sky and a plot of growies. In terms of scale it's no NYC Waterfalls, but its relationship to the city is similar: creating natural effects, without concealing its artificial nature.
· A Clearing in the Streets [Public Art Fund]