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On the Racked: Bowery Gallery Exits, Bergdorf Goes Bonkers

The latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) East Village: Rock photography gallery Morrison Hotel, which took over the CBGBs annex space (fka CB's 313 Gallery), is set to depart the Bowery. What's to come? Hey, how about a rock club?

2) Midtown: Fifth Avenue and edgy art go together like Blair Waldorf and TJ Maxx, so the team-up of Bergdorf Goodman with a Baltimore outsider art museum is definitely something different. The kooky window displays will be up through July 20, and all John Waters fans should head there immediately.

3) Williamsburg: For years, new Williamsburg condos have been marketed as hip family-friendly spaces in a hip family-friendly neighborhood, but strollers are still not the vehicle of choice along Bedford Avenue. So we expect today's Street Scenes subjects to have nabbed more than one ad campaign offer by the time the sun sets.

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