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Inside the Craziest New Building in Williamsburg

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A funny thing happened on our way to dismissing Williamsburg's brand spankin' new 90 North 5th Street (or 9inety North 5ifth if you prefer, which we don't) as just another bit of nonsense from architect Robert Scarano: we got a look inside the building, and it's interesting! Quite interesting, in fact, and now we know what brokerage Apts & Lofts is talking about in its "Daring design inspired by the ultracreative, avant-garde neighborhood it rests in" pitch. Daring apparently means multi-colored chandeliers, a race of stone people living in the garden courtyard and the funkiest mailboxes this side of Key West. And we haven't even gotten to the 45-foot stone waterfall yet. Do have a look. Too quirky or just right for the 'hood?
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