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P.S. 1 Courtyard's Afterparty is Dressed for Winter

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Architecture firm MOS has posted pictures of the Afterparty installation now up in the courtyard of Long Island City art museum P.S. 1, where the winning submission in P.S. 1's annual Young Architects Program competition will be on display through September. The finished product looks a bit like the shopping list got mixed up sometime after the pre-party. Instead of the tube-like structure skinned in thatch?or as P.S. 1 put it, "tall hut-like 'chimneys' with dark thatched skin"?it's been lined with what looks like raw material for Wookie costumes. Instead of a see-through underside, there's some other smooth scrim material. Maybe the party budget got blown on Chex Mix and Natty Light. Check out Spaceinvading for more furry pictures.
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