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Latest Refund Battle Brewing at Hudson Square's 22 Renwick

Poor old Renwick Street. There it was, content to live out its days as a mostly forgotten glorified alley sandwiched between Canal Street and Holland Tunnel traffic. But the development boom came calling, and soon the block became a hotbed for luxury condos like No. 22 Renwick pitching tenuous connections to Soho and Tribeca. The high-end thing never seemed to fit the little guy, and maybe others are starting to agree: The Real Deal reports that a group of buyers at the 19-unit building designed by Philip Johnson/Alan Ritchie Architects are trying to get their deposits back. They argue that the sponsor tried to sneak in the closing of the building's commercial unit ahead of the project's delivery deadline, but the storefront (which was supposed to be an art gallery), was purchased by a company with ties to the developer. The attorney general will now look into the legality of that closing, and whether No. 22 Renwick will share the same fate as 45 John, Linden78, and other recent projects where buyers are allowed to walk.
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No. 22 Renwick

22 Renwick Street, New York, NY