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FLAnk's 57th Street Striptease Gets a Tad Cheaper

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Flying more under the radar than their copper-clad fortress in the Far West Village, the FLAnk gang's 441 East 57th Street creation is equally unorthodox?and more controversial! Publishing power-couple Harry Evans and Tina Brown fought the 15-story Sutton-area building because the mini-tower (built on the former site of late composer Cy Coleman's townhouse) would block sunlight to their garden next door. The matter was settled and the building began to rise, and now the coverings are slowly being shed. It's still too early to see much of the anodized metal and glass facade, arranged like an oversize jigsaw puzzle, but with the building heading toward a late summer completion, there is movement on what lurks inside.

The building was conceived as seven stacked townhouses, though now there are six, according to the 441 East 57th Street website as well as the listings. Perhaps someone went in for a combo meal? StreetEasy still shows seven active listings, three of which are in contract at prices from $1,700 per square foot to over $2,200/sf. The four remaining listings have all taken recent tumbles. A pair of 2BRs were each chopped around 10% last week, to $2.495 million and $2.395 million (both under $1,500/sf). The two pricier pads, including the penthouse, were both pulled from the market last summer and recently re-listed. The 3,390-square-foot 3BR resurfaced at $5.65 million (down from $5.95 million), and the penthouse dropped from $7.5 million to $6.75 million. FLAnk has its well-heeled fans, but will the icy stares from the Beast Queen next door scare them away?
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441 East 57th Street

441 East 57th Street, New York, NY 10022