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CurbedWire: The MAve Preview, Chelsea's Mordor

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FLATIRON?We do love our updates on The MAve hotel, the luxury re-do of the budget Madison Hotel, renamed via popular vote. (We know, we know, you wanted NYCHE.) Anyhoo, The MAve folks tell us the hotel will reopen at Madison Avenue (MAve!) and 27th Street this summer with rooms as low as $169/night, and the crazy new website has launched. Above, some renderings of the new rooms. Those TVs might not be big enough. [CurbedWIre Inbox]

CHELSEA?We love the occasional reader rant, and this one made us LOL, as the kids say. Regarding this new Eighth Avenue rental building, a reader writes, "Does anyone know who is responsible for the heinous, all-(near)black mausoleum of an apartment building going up on the northwest corner or 8th Ave and 16th St in Chelsea? What are they going to call it: The Mordor? Orc House?" [CurbedWire Inbox]