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On the Racked: Ecko Silently Exits, Soho Pac-Maniacs, More!

The latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) Chelsea: The de-Eckoficiation of the city continues, with the streetwear designer's high-end Marc Ecko Cut & Sew boutique having given up the ghost in Chelsea. Ecko famously paid rent on a prime 42nd Street storefront in Times Square for years and never did anything with it. He also shuttered his Gramercy warehouse.

2) Downtown Brooklyn and Target locations nationwide: We like dressing up the place for cheap, which is why Racked has us excited for Dror Benshetrit's soon-to-debut furnishings collection for the Big Red Bullseye. It's the wood that makes it good.

3) Soho: If Uniqlo + Pac-Man + Hipsters = your idea of a good time, then read on.

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