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On the Market: New Star of the West Village Wants $25M

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What is it with these new downtown dreamhouses? It seems like the families that customize the mini-mansions never end up staying for long. First it was Tribeca's Our Suburb (still on the market for $33 million), and now it's 400 West Street, the white wonder with the faux-wood facade just south of Richard Meier's trio of glass towers in the Far West Village. The five-bedroom house just hit the market for $25 million, an eye-popping price tag that the Post's Jennifer Gould Keil calls bullshit on. The townhouse doesn't have an elevator, and lacks a side-street entrance. Plus, it's 4,000-square-feet smaller (on the inside) and priced $4 million more than Hugh Jackman's recent purchase up the block. True, but don't overlook one crucial advantage: the place will soon have its very own infomercial! Floorplan, featuring the rarely seen dual-purpose basketball court/screening room, after le jump.

400 West Street

400 West Street, New York, NY