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Another Day, Another Floating Self-Sufficient Artist Commune

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Upon seeing the above illustration of the 30-by-100-foot Waterpod, a floating barge being converted to a "self-sufficient community" while moored at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, some questions may spring to mind. We've anticipated those queries:

1) How many Brooklyn artists are involved? Only one! The rest of the full-time crew is rounded out by a Queens sculptor and photographer, a visual artist from Vancouver and his dancer wife. Grizzly seamen, all!
2) What's the hippie angle? Live chickens, hydroponic gardens, recycled rainwater, solar, wind and bicycle(!) power, and a hazy (must be the hydroponics) bartering arrangement with the Union Square Greenmarket.
3) Is there a documentary already in the works? Does a Waterpod have a windmill? (Short answer: Duh.)
4) Does it offer another reason to stay away from the South Street Seaport? Why, yes it does! The five-month journey includes various open-to-the-public stops across the boroughs. First up is the Seaport, and an obligatory tourist stampede.
5) Is it all an elaborate scheme to live rent-free for a while? Possibly.
· A Fluid Definition of Self-Sufficiency [NYT]