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Curbed PriceUpper: UWS Co-op As Seen on TV

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A Curbed tipster points us to the listing for a small co-op (1BR, 1BA; 720sf) with a big terrace on 67th Street just off Central Park West and writes, "This was just $795K. Suddenly this empty apartment got filled with crap and a TV set, and they ask more?" Indeed, the refreshed asking price on the pre-war pad is $959,000, a whopping 21 percent increase. But the PriceUpping tells only part of the story.

Via StreetEasy, a look at this apartment's peaks and valleys over the past six month:

12/05/2008: Listed in StreetEasy by Corcoran at $1,195,000.
01/12/2009: Delisted temporarily.
01/29/2009: Re-listed by Corcoran.
02/04/2009: Price decreased by 16% to $999,000.
03/05/2009: Price decreased by 6% to $935,000.
03/24/2009: Price decreased by 10% to $845,000.
04/21/2009: Price decreased by 6% to $795,000.

05/16/2009: Price increased by 21% to $959,000.After those steady declines, what's with the increase? For clues, we turn to the brokerbabble: "Soon to be seen as the set on a major cable network program, this apartment is on the market for the first time in over 25 years." Ah, the fame gambit. So what'll this finally go for, now that we know its celebrity cachet?
· Listing: 17 West 67th Street [Corcoran]