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The De-Frankified Barclays Center React-o-Matic!

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Following yesterday's formal announcement of the junking of starchitect Frank Gehry's Atlantic Yards arena for a cheaper design, a look at how the Interweb is reacting to the new Barclays Center, aka The Hangar:

1) "Bye-bye Gehry calls into question whether Barclays Bank, which bought $400 million naming rights for the starchitect's landmark design, will be willing to fork over that kind of cash airplane hangar. It's doubtful." [Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn]

2) "It's fine. The Gehry design was a bubble age easy credit wet dream. Get the NBA franchise here and all good things will follow. Brooklyn is to Manhattan as Honda is to GM." [Wired New York]

3) "Frank Gehry is designing the individual buildings and the larger development to complement the surrounding communities, creating a sense of scale that fits the low-rise feel of nearby neighborhoods and the more urban feel of downtown Brooklyn." []

4) "None of the news coverage this morning notices that, as I pointed out last night, that the rendering omits the much-touted Urban Room, a large, glass-enclosed public space. Given the hold-up in constructing the flagship Building 1 (formerly Miss Brooklyn), the Urban Room became an impossibility and, I'd contend, so became Gehry's design." [Atlantic Yards Report]

5) "I really get a feel for the scale and massing and architectural character with those 'ghost towers'. The arena itself is astonishingly banal. If I had seen it on any other blog, I would have assumed it was in Houston." [Curbed commenter 'doc']

6) "i guess if lebron wants to play in a frank gehry building in 2011 he better take a basketball with him to disney hall in la" [Twitter/Trojan_Talking]
· Atlantic Yards coverage [Curbed]

Barclays Center

Atlantic Avenue at Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY