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What's in a Name? At New Mulberry Street Hotel, Not Much

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Writes the Civic Center Residents Coalition: "Ever since the construction began on what used to be the private parking lot at 52 Mulberry St. the community has been wondering 'what is going up on that spot'?" Now, deep in Chinatown, the glassy mid-block sliver has fully risen just south of Bayard Street, and its purpose has been revealed via a banner hung above its plywood: "Coming Soon: Hotel." A simple name like Hotel kind of befits the stark minimalism of the building, but we'll assume the moniker will change once an operator signs on.

According to DOB permits, the design from architect Jung Wor Chin is 12 stories and 122' tall (note the setback halfway up in the photo above). Adds the CCRC, "Marly corp. bought all three adjacent properties (46-52 Mulberry), opened the hugely successful Mama's cafe in one of the them, and YoBerry frozen yogurt in another in preparation for the hotel which was the last piece in the puzzle." So, who's pleased with the outcome of this puzzle? Probably not the Chinatown residents who are aggressively campaigning for the hood's downzoning.
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