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Noise Wars: East Village Neighbors Decry Party's Soundtrack

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Cooper Square Hotel, you're off the hook. The latest feud brewing in the East Village over noise complaints comes from one block over on East 4th Street, where the most stinging insults are directed at a raging late-night party's DJ. A Curbed tipster writes:

I was woken up at about 430am Sunday morning, no so much by the incredibly loud music blaring from my neighbors’ apartment, but rather by the rest of the residents of East 4th Street screaming their complaints about – get this – the song selection. No kidding. Sunday, the attached notices appeared in our elevators? one slightly more light-hearted than the other. Oh East Village, is there anything more adorable than you??Sheesh, everybody's a critic. No word on what the sign-writer would consider a step up, nor the basis of the compilations gripe. C'mon, who doesn't love Journey's Greatest Hits Live?

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