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On the Market BLOCKBUSTER: Buyers Flipping BK's Priciest

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Brooklyn's most expensive apartment?a 3,208-square-foot penthouse at Dumbo's 1 Main Street, aka the Clock Tower?is back on the market nine months after selling for $7 million. The 3BR, 2.5BA loft on the 14th floor of the former cardboard factory was snapped up by a group of well-heeled investors a little over a year ago, but the closing didn't occur until September and nobody moved in. Crap market be damned, the sellers are looking to smash their own record?the asking price is $8.5 million (or $22k/month to rent). Oh, how we missed the crazy flips of yesteryear! But if the price tag makes your bow tie spin, here's a bit of news: the loft isn't even the nicest one in the building, and that whopper is about to hit the market for "way, way, way more."

At least that's what Sotheby's broker Karen Heyman tells the Observer's Max Abelson about the penthouse one floor up, owned by Two Trees' David Walentas, developer of all Dumbo delights. Walentas' windows are the clock faces at the top of the building, sort of like in his 70 Washington building but way more super-villainy. Heyman, who brokered that first record-breaking deal and is now repping the unit again, says Walentas' pad will make $8.5 million look cheap by comparison. We're sure Papa Bear Walentas is thrilled to be outed in this way, but back to the topic at hand. Can Heyman sell the same apartment for more than what the market ponied up in far sunnier times (before selling for that $7 million figure, the place was once listed at $8.6 million)? She claims there's already interest.
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