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On the Racked: High Line Merch, Seized on the UWS, More!

The latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) MePA: You've checked out the city's newest sensation. Now, get the beach towel! High Line neighbor Diane von Furstenberg has given millions to Friends of the High Line to help with the park's construction and upkeep, and now she's selling these "Tracks Towels" for $75 a pop out of her Meatpacking District boutique, with proceeds going to the High Line. Perfect for advertising your urban sophistication while sunbathing at Jones Beach.

2) Upper West Side: It's never a good thing to wander by a store and see official-looking paperwork affixed to the door. Indeed, the latest victim is active wear retailer Danskin, whose Columbus Avenue flagship was seized for nonpayment of rent.

3) Chelsea: Who the heck would lower themselves to accepting a free ride from Whole Foods in a pedicab marked up with WF logos? Racked would!

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