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On the Market: Tribeca House Comes With Bar-Eviction Bonus!

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Contrary to popular belief, Tribeca?land of vast fame and fortune?does have its Regular Joe hangouts. Of course these diamonds-in-the-rough tend to be decades old, as the iron-fisted Community Board 1 is known to wreak havoc on low-brow booze jockeys looking to open up shop in the 'hood (coughBuster'sGaragecough). It might be last call for one such old-school watering hole, a special Curbed correspondent writes:

There's a new-to-market Tribeca townhouse listing that suggests that million year old Puffy's Tavern may not make it to a million and one. "Enjoy living in this quintessential home while collecting substantial income form [sic] the ground floor which is currently on a month to month lease." Maybe that is why the Nearby Bars & Nightlife widget does not include the VERY nearby Puffy's Tavern.

The house is 1 Harrison Street, built in 1920 and listed at $5.95 million. Puffy's Tavern, at 81 Hudson Street but occupying the same building, closes at 4 a.m. every day. If the new owner doesn't want to deal with the noise below, what would the neighborhood be losing?

Here's an excerpt from New York's writeup on the bar:

While its TriBeCa neighbors price or concept themselves into self-parody, this dark shot-and-a-beer parlor is so low-key it even makes nearby Riverrun seem hoity-toity. Film Center meeting-takers, real estate buccaneers, cable installers, UPS guys and sanitation engineers alike drink with equal respect for the dreamy, Runyonesque lack of pretension of this otherworldly throwback to thirstier times.
Speaking of price and parody, the house was first listed in November through Sotheby's for $11 million, before PriceChopping brought the price down to $6.995 million. In May the place was pulled off the market, only to resurface at its new, reduced asking price. Cheap enough for a Puffy's patron to swoop in and ensure the safety of the bar? What do UPS guys make these days?
· Listing: 1 Harrison Street [Halstead]